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The mission of the DAMP Lab North is to develop small to medium scale projects, constructing novel biological systems using formal representations of protocols and experiments for the specify-design-build-test cycle.  This will allow for more standard and reproducible research results that can be transitioned from academia and industry to society.

The DAMP Lab North uses both its expertise and the Aquarium software to deliver consistent, well-documented results. These characteristics are vital to address synthetic biology related research efforts where time, cost, and result quality are of the utmost importance. The available molecular biology protocols involve DNA assembly and purification, sequencing, transformation, PCR, among others. You can check the complete list of methodologies available at our laboratory and their capacity on the table below.

If you want to take advantage of our expertise and structure to advance your projects contact us: Also, to know more about our work follow us on Twitter: @Damp_Lab and subscribe to receive our newsletter via our website!

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