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Submitted Plans

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Active Users

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Protocols Offered

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Success Rate

Where is this data from? 

Experimental plans submitted to the DAMP Lab North since January of 2018. All of these plans were organized and carried out within the standard DAMP Lab North software environment powered by Aquarium.

How are we collecting this data? 

As protocols are run in the DAMP Lab North, Aquarium automatically stores rich data on many aspects of protocol and plan execution. We then pull, anonymize, analyze, and publish this data in real-time using a Python-based data analysis pipeline.


Why is this data useful? 

Data on common laboratory processes is often entirely lost or is captured only in disorganized laboratory notebooks that can't be aggregated to form broad conclusions. Therefore, collecting rich data on the parameters affecting the performance of various processes is critical for transforming synthetic biology into an engineering discipline and for improving the reproducibility of biology as a whole.


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Average protocol run time for various operation types are displayed in a box and whisker plot.


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An illustrative chart for average experimental cost of various operation types are displayed below.

Success Rate

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Protocol status of various operation types that represent success rate is organized into a stacked bar chart.

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