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Your Time is Valuable

Breakthrough bottlenecks in discovery by automating expensive and time-consuming protocols with the DAMP Lab.

1- DAMP Lab On-Site Automation

The DAMP Lab is equipped with multiple high-throughput automated liquid handlers and state-of-the-art biological instrumentation ready to be put to use on your project.

Protocols can be automated, performed, and results shipped to your door.

Experimental Reproduction

Our extensive robotic systems and world-class  staff allow us to test and validate potentially risky experimental approaches so that you can develop your new solutions with confidence

High-throughput Screening

Automated high accuracy fluidics ensure a rapid build-test cycle that you can leverage into system design success

Automated DNA Assembly

Our robotic infrastructure allows for the rapid and precise assembly of a target plasmid through various forms of assembly protocols such as Gibson and Golden Gate

Example Use Cases

2- Automation Consulting

Example Use Cases

Automation Setup

Purchased an automation solution but not sure how to integrate it into your current lab? Our staff is experience in the setup and deployment of automated lab robotics and laboratory instrumentation

Data Aggregation

Need to combine experimental data from multiple systems for data analysis? Our staff can join and combine instrumental data from disjoint systems for reliable data pipelines for your team's analysis 

Workflow Consulting

Unsure if your experimental workflow can be automated? Our staff can identify potential automated solutions to your workflow so that you can focus on the work that really matters

Interested in setting up automation in your lab or enhancing your current automated capabilities? 

Our staff is capable of designing an automated solution that fits your needs, whether you need assistance with robotic workflow design, software integration, or troubleshooting

Click at the Github link to find more automation tools developed by our team

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