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IWBMA 2023
June 12 - 14, 2023

Click here to view the questions and answers from our brainstorming session.

Following up post-pandemic, the International Workshop for BioManufacturing Automation 2023 looks to highlight the DAMP lab's capabilities and show off progress on our current pilot projects that stem from a diverse range of labs across Boston University’s campus, featuring work on automated protocols for qPCR, cloning, cell culture, and even NGS library prep. Participate in engaging brainstorming activities discussing important topics in the field of biomanufacturing automation. The DAMP lab offers an array of automated services as a core facility at Boston University capable of benefitting labs across BU and beyond. Join us at IWBMA 2023 to look into the future of automated industries.

Huge thank you to our 2023 sponsors:

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