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Job Openings at DAMP Lab

Postdoctoral Researcher

The Design, Automation, Manufacturing, and Processes (DAMP) Lab at Boston University is working to become the preeminent “cloud laboratory” for remote, replicable, and distributed biomanufacturing in an academic setting worldwide by providing open-source software, education, and training ecosystem to enable diverse researchers ( This postdoctoral position is a unique opportunity to be trained in a cross-disciplinary environment, including CLIA lab operations, high throughput laboratory operations, assay development, and data science and analysis. The ideal candidate will have previous experience in assay development, clinical research, and data analysis. The role will include mentoring and teaching research scientists and graduate students.

Please send your resume, a list of three references, and cover letter by March 31, 2024, to


To learn more about the role's responsibilities and qualifications:

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